We conduct research projects spanning from the general public to corporate audiences, including rural producers, Internet users and opinion makers. Consult us about the methodology and technique most appropriate to the objectives of your study.


Data collection, recruitment, coding, typing and data processing. Among our special services customers can count on conjoint analysis software for CAPI, setting up product clinics, setting up simulated supermarkets (with or without use of neuromarketing).

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We conduct research on various platforms: PAPI (paper), CATI (telephone), CAWI (web), CAPI (central location) TAPI (tablets) and others. We carry out programming of scripts internally and we have our own CATI structure and central location in São Paulo. See our facilities for CATI and Central Location in the photo gallery.

Central Location

Discover the best locations for research in São Paulo, such as communication and product testing. Network has two central locations in downtown São Paulo.

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Our Expertise

We have conducted multiple research projects, accumulating valuable experience in a number of techniques and categories.
Netsensory: Product testing (flavors, aromas, colors, design, packaging, etc.).
Netcities: Studies for the housing market (potential, releases, price elasticity).
Netbusiness: B2B and B2C research.

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New Frontiers

In addition to exploring the best of traditional techniques, incorporating new tools may help to innovate in terms of data collection and analysis, generating deeper and more relevant insights to the studies.
Netflashes: Thematic reports based on data collection and online and offline multi techniques.
Netdados: Statistical reports based on secondary databases.
Nettextos: Use of lexical analysis to further explore textual data from various sources.


We have wide experience in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) / consumer goods, services and communication. Browse through the categories that we have already researched.

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Who are we


Founded in 1999, NETWORK is a Brazilian company specialized in collecting data for a wide range of market sectors.

Network is a provider with proven experience in project management in various methods of quantitative and qualitative research, working to ensure a high quality of fieldwork. In our many years of experience in market research we have conducted various types of studies: development of new products, concept testing, blind tests, sniff tests, price elasticity, market potential, communication tests. Our expertise in B2B studies and institutional research also helps many companies to achieve their goals.

The Network team is made up of professionals graduated in sociology and marketing, who understand the needs of customers and offer specialized services from data collection to electronic scripts, coding and data processing.

Technical Direction

Why us

Every research project, regardless of the methodology, is commissioned in search of a diagnosis, the solution to a problem, insights or precise measurement. Our client can be assured that their research subject will be the center of our attention. We seek the target which our client really needs. A senior team coordinates all stages of research, from data collection to data processing. We are an independent company. We have no links with any international group, which ensures flexibility and confidentiality.

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